Thumb-Break Kydex Holster P226 BFL - Frontline

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Thumb-Break Kydex Holster P226 BFL - Frontline

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Thumb-Break Kydex Holster P226 BFL

Kydex® is a water and corrosion resistant polymer. Front Line?s Kydex® holsters are solid and yet well fitting, tough and durable. Frontline's holsters are made of Kydex® sheets, in a pressing process - not injection - which make them stronger and durable. Each Kydex® holster works the same from the first day you try it until you retire it.

This thumb-break holster provides full gun length protection and fast-draw. Thanks to the two retention screws, you can acheive a good balance between retention and ease of draw. It is possible to use the holster without the thumb-break strap by attaching it to a specially designed and located button.

BFL Modular is an improved version of the standard belt wearing. It offers a security strap which easily closes around your belt. No need to remove the belt. Prevents the holster from being snatched from the pants. BFL Modular is easily modified when changing belts: Simply unsnap the security strap if necessary, remove the insert, and then add the proper size insert and position it on the two holes of the BFL Modular. Comes with spacer for 30mm and 38mm belt, will fit to 50mm without spacer.

Suitable for Sig Sauer P226 (not for WE F226 with rails)

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